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Adam Wojtanek, also known by his artistic alias Adam Tanek is a Chicago Indie music artist, now residing in the EU. He is also a former 1960s
hippie called The Polish Hippy, and an accomplished yogi. And that broad spectrum of his life activity and interests is reflected in his music.

Adam tries to remain uninfluenced by other artists; though that is difficult to do these days because almost everything in music has already been done. So, Adam's music remains unspoiled by the music industry and music market demands.

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interview with Adam for a music magazine.
Visit Adam's
hippie crib on the Web.

What is Stoned Music?

Stoned Music is not in any particular style or genre. It is often eclectic and asymmetrical music played from the heart or by instinct; improvised music created through inspiration. The music has a natural flow of rhythm from the perspective of inner nature of the Self; instead of rigid mathematical models created by machines, computers, robots or European academic logic and written music. It originated in African music and has had an enormous influence on American and British music.


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