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Welcome to
Adam's "crib" on the Web!

Reflective music for entertainment, 
healing, relief from anxiety and stress


Instruments used on the CDs:
acoustic and electric guitars, bongos, tambourines, drums, Tibetan Buddhist Damara drums, Tibetan Tingsha cymbals and bronze Vajra bells, Hindu temple bronze hand cymbals and bells, church hand bells, Shaman drums, African Medicine Man rattles, acoustic Hindu harmonium, and other instruments.

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Circa 2009 - 2021

Circa 2019-2020

Tantra Yoga is the subject of this album.

Circa 2013-2018

Written and recorded on the
Baltic Sea island of

Circa 2005-2006

Created in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Songs inspired by the 1960-70s hippie era and Amsterdam's Old Center, its quaint bohemian atmosphere, picturesque canals, canal houses, coffeeshops, narrow streets and alleyways, houseboats, yachts, historic Red-light district, bicycle culture, 1960-70s hippie culture and lots more.

Due to the virtual nature of online publishing and editing, release dates may not coincide with the work's actual completion date. 

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